29 May 2015

Your chance to terminate the NSA

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A chance to destroy the NSA by nullifying its pitiful excuses to violate the US Constitution presents itself to Americans. Now is an important opportunity for the NSA to stop terminating people's privacy and be terminated.

The NSA is completely dependent upon its illegal and unconstitutional mass wiretapping and confiscations of Americans' private communications. It is terrified of being denied this ability or punished for its actions. Such steps would utterly destroy the rogue and isolated agency that flagrantly carried out the largest civil liberties violation of the Twenty-First Century under the arrogant and contradictory pretext of protecting Americans' liberties from apparent terrorists.

The key to this termination of the criminal agency's activities lies in the prevention of the renewal of Section 215 of the so-called USA PATRIOT Act due to take place on 1 June 2015 - just three days from now. It is not too late.

This abomination, this violation of the values Americans hold dear, can be terminated by steadfast opposition to it.

Demand Progress has provided the following link

Fight for the Future is also calling people to write to lawmakers calling for them to refuse to renew the PATRIOT Act

C4SS offered the following analysis on the urgency to put an end to this legislation:
The USA PATRIOT Act is set to expire June first, absent congressional action. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has expressed opposition to renewing the act without reforms that would end or limit the National Security Agency’s bulk spying on the phone data of American Citizens. While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seeks an extension for the act as is, Senate Democrats and some Republicans, including Rand Paul, threaten to filibuster a renewal without reforms. This follows a Federal Court Ruling that the NSA’s mass phone data collection program, exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013, is illegal. The house has responded by passing USA Freedom Act, which would end the phone surveillance program, but expand other surveillance programs and reauthorize the patriot act. 
With this bill heading to the Senate critics, such as Fight For the Future, argue that, “It completely fails to meaningfully curtail mass surveillance and actually codifies some of the worst modern spying practices into law.” One example they bring up is that the bill would permit surveillance of video chats. It is also generally accepted that the surveillance state will take any bill that is passed to it limits as it did with the PATRIOT Act. This is especially true if the state can do so in secret, as it did before Snowden’s revelation.

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