5 May 2015

US election to result in betrayal again?

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Voters will be "fooled again", if they think Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will lead the US and its mighty armies away from destructive empire-building policies.

This is the warning issued at the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) by antistatist political commentator Kevin Carson. The warning was overall aiming to discourage participation in electoral politics, which the antistatist regards as little more than the cynical coronation of a ruling elite that is incapable of fulfilling its word.
People "who think the Red/Blue divide reflects a serious disagreement in principle over issues like corporate power, U.S. military aggression and Empire" are being duped, Carson wrote in a commentary on the coming US presidential election. As a neoliberal and a fanatic for American aggression and encroachment on foreign powers like Russia and China, Clinton is a dangerous warmonger and no different from any of the Republican candidates.

Clinton's foreign policy has no progressive character and is based upon demagoguery, hegemony and superpower arrogance, Carson argues. Voting for Clinton would be tantamount to voting for a liar who smeared herself in innocent blood in Bosnia, Libya, Syria and other countries in the name of America's phony revolutions on behalf of international oligarchy.

Clinton cannot be described as a "progressive" but a a greedy oligarch from a family of oligarchs serving corporate power, who seeks to spread the US government's greed, self-righteous conquest, and conspicuous trail of international destruction further. In Carson's assessment, Obama, despite his faults and his dwindling popularity, is preferable over the morally illiterate Hillary Clinton:
at least Obama in 2008 could do a plausible impression of someone who actually meant what he said. Hillary Clinton can’t for the life of her. Typically, three days after Clinton answers a question with her “I’m glad you asked me that” smile, news emerges proving it was a lie.

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