7 April 2017

@leftistcritic pointed out US “Human Rights Reports” propaganda failing

"Human Rights Reports" by the US regime's so-called "Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor" are part of its shallow propaganda campaign to justify its policies of aggression and mass murder.

Venezuela has said "the violation of human rights in the United States is serious and massive." Iran said the US regime "due to its very bad and dark record of human rights…is not in a position to comment on the human rights situation in other countries." 

According to Leftist Critic "Such resistance shows that US government efforts to promote "human rights" imperialism, so that Western capitalism can be forced down the throats of the global proletariat, is failing."

Leftist Critic writes "the "reports" are part of the "happy" sheen of the murderous US empire, displayed by their promotion in white propaganda outlets such as VOA (Voice for America) and RFE/RL ("Radio Free" Europe/Radio Liberty), the Western media, and anti-Chinese Tibetan media."

The dissident writer points out the regime-authored cynical reports are "propaganda pumped out by "human rights" organizations like Amnesty, HRW, and Human Rights First, while strengthening existing imperial inter-relationships and supporting the idea of "democracy promotion,""

What the US regime seeks is the "promotion of Western bourgeois democracy", which is "central to NED (National Endowment for Democracy), with its tentacles of worldwide imperialist subversion", the dissident told readers.

One form of resistance we can all do, Leftist Critic proposes, rests in "refusing to share content of such "reports" in the future and stand in strong international solidarity with the peoples of the world, especially those who are resisting the march of death by the tentacles of Western imperialism, squeezing the world of its life force, whether it comes in the forms of the Cuban, DPRK, Zimbabwean, Chinese, and Russian governments or other creative, radical leftist ways of resistance."

Comments come from Leftist Critic in Countercurrents on 20 March 2017

The Leftist Critic blog can be read here


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