12 April 2017

@EverydayVoices is worth following

Left-wing US blog Thoughts From my Kitchen is well worth keeping track of.

The author, highly critical of US imperialist foreign policy, has moderate influence over Twitter and posts via Wordpress.

Examples of comments by the author on recent events include the following, picked up on Twitter.

On reports Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka had an emotional outburst and asked her father to attack Syrian territory illegally, resulting in civilian deaths:

On US Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham's praise for US ally Saudi Arabia's constant massacres of civilians (including the use of chemical weapons) in Yemen:

Topics discussed at the blog, Thoughts From my Kitchen, more closely address domestic policy and everyday life in the US rather than international affairs.


International law could allow Russia to strike NATO, ban NATO response

While Russian diplomats have not yet stated the following, preferring to make polite requests of US and NATO forces in Europe, they may have...

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