16 April 2017

@AndreVltchek conveys real people's real views on endless Western aggression

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker, investigative journalist, and writer of revolutionary books.* He had the following to report about the pattern of endless US and Western military attacks against smaller and oppressed nations based on always false pretexts.

"Many people are hiding their heads in the sand, obediently repeating the official Western narrative, while others are gradually resorting to... alternative sources of information"

"The recent opportunistic statements by certain badly informed and biased Western 'progressive' intellectuals, calling the Syrian system "disgraceful" has confused things even further."

"there is very little support among the [regional] general population as well as among the intellectuals, for the Western assaults on the country, conducted directly, and indirectly by proxies"

"ask the thinkers from all over the region, and the reaction is near unanimously against the assaults that are being conducted by the West."

"In Latin America, Russia, China, much of Africa and of course in the neighboring Iran, people are beginning to see clearly both the pattern and predictability of the Western foreign policy."

"What is now clearly detectable in the region is not just a condemnation of the US and Western actions, it is also a deep fatigue of having to endure the same type aggression which brings absolutely nothing except misery"

*Authors with similar views have always been present in the Mont Order society of dissidents, whose writing is re-blogged in various anti-establishment news feeds.


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