17 April 2017

The Sins of Empire (2015 book) by @JasonHirthler

In the midst of renewed US military aggression against the world under the Trump administration, readers should consider getting this book of collected essays by New York-based veteran of the communications industry Jason Hirthler*

From the blurb of the 2015 book:

"President Barack Obama's second term in the White House was a time of exceptional foreign policy belligerence and domestic economic decline. The Sins of Empire--a collection of the author's best work published between 2012 and 2015--offers a snapshot of U.S. imperialism in the early 21st century--unmasked, unmitigated, and unjustified."

Jason Hirthler's work has often featured in the American left publication Counterpunch.

*Dissidents with similar anti-hegemony views assemble online through the Mont Order society http://www.lordre.net/p/mont-order-members-and-allied.html, which has enlarged since 2014 as it seeks to broaden its network of authors


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