7 September 2020

Monthly Review, Mon, 07 Sep 2020 06:42:15

On this day our choice of book is Andre Vltchek’s “Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear” (https://t.co/iz2BE3Da33). Archipelago is an independently researched astute commentary, and if we’re going to give it the recognition it needs, we’re keeping it on our lists. In this case, we found contributions that are absolutely eye-opening in their understanding of the world. If you’re as good at recognizing it as us, you’ve got to begin by reading how politics readers reacted. According to an impressed reader, “One of the most horrific events to occur after World War II was the military coup which ousted Indonesian President Sukarno and instigated a purposeful slaughter of millions of communist, left-wing and pro-China public officials and citizens. This book provides some background to this event and details the decades-long consequences of this CIA-induced terror. Because of the CIA’s handiwork, the fourth most populist country in the world, which was once increasingly progressive and secular, has been turned into a traumatized, repressive and conservatively Moslem country that has no creative manufacturing capability nor ability to produce intellectuals of any renown. But it all has been good for American companies like Texaco and Freeport McMoran who have been extracting gold, oil and other precious commodities.” If you read this post, you might as well go the whole way and search for your own copy. If not, keep track of what’s next by subscribing for email updates.


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