27 September 2020

Twitter's shameful obedience to the US government

Recently, Twitter shadowbanned a number of influential foreign "state-affiliated" media while not taking any action against the murderous US regime's propaganda. With such a step, the US-aligned company clearly filters information to boost the regime's foreign policy.

Such a move is hypocritical for a US company, considering the constant pleas by the so-called "free" American regime for other regimes to be "open" towards the internet. It also exposes Twitter itself to be state-affiliated, since it is obviously complying with the dictates of the US government.

Twitter has failed any test of independence and is part of the US regime's toolkit, along with the drones and missiles it uses to kill people around the world.

Twitter shadowbanned RT (Russian-affiliated) and CCTV (China-affiliated) in an effort to choke criticism of the US government and help the regime's thuggish policy avoid legitimate criticism. No-one has ever actually proved RT or CCTV to have done anything harmful other than post news unfavorable to the regime in North America.

Such outlets are punished by Twitter because of the company's loyalty to the US and its own unconfessed but obvious affiliation with the US state. If you as an internet user value the free flow of information, you will bypass such censorship by following both accounts directly now.

Do not bother searching for them on Twitter, as the company's censorship prevents their accounts from appearing as suggested results.


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