28 August 2021

What the US withdrawal from Afghanistan means and doesn't mean

Mont Order website: The chaotic and ineffectively executed United States military withdrawal from Afghanistan, which now includes the deaths of multiple US troops and has taken on the appearance of a disastrous military defeat, could signal the end of US military supremacy. However, it probably does not signal the end of the US's arrogant propaganda projects and contrived ideologies that seek to dominate the world. US foreign policy propaganda may be morphing from a primarily neoconservative outlook to a liberal interventionist one. The differences are very shallow, although their adherents are passionate about these differences. The extreme foreign policy of the US regime is to stay almost the same: sanctions, support of covert rebel forces, support of riots, coups, military coalitions, dubious media reports of atrocities, dubious dossiers and 'high confidence' stories about foreign adversaries' crimes authored by intelligence agencies that constantly lie, and military invasions of impoverished nations. The different rhetoric of the Democratic Party and liberal corporate media will stay dominant for some time. Whereas previously (even under Obama) the neoconservatives would set the tone and present aggressive foreign policy as defending collective "America" and appealing to the myth of the nation, instead we we will increasingly see appeals to liberty and human rights, however these are defined by the world's most prolific jailers and torturers. All kinds of contrived stories related to protecting individual freedoms and the environment will be prominent in a way they never were in the past, to support more of the same droning and bombing as before. The difference is one of the lexicon, while all policies of the US government are to be as arrogant and as violent as ever and it will not change its targets. China will still be guilty of whatever the US regime dislikes today and whatever it dislikes tomorrow, as will almost every other developing or competitive state the US might feel its power or influence is being displaced by. The list of named "adversaries" will grow as the US becomes increasingly driven by aggressive liberal internationalism and pushes conservative allied regimes (along with their vast armies) away, even in Europe, causing rifts within NATO. What we can learn from US neoconservatives changing allegiances to the Democratic Party is that they never stood for anything other than whatever narrative supports American power. Catastrophic foreign policy defeats, alienation of US allies like Turkey, incoherent strategies, and liberal obsessions with the media and even Twitter specifically also show that the US is beginning to believe its own propaganda and be driven by it. There is no longer any sign of cunning or realpolitik as there was with previous US efforts against other nations. Now, even at the cost of destroying alliance structures, US leaders can be expected to believe their own shallow propaganda about spreading liberty, and the hoax that it really is a distinct ideology or anything other than words. - LOrdreNet


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