30 May 2014

Making the most of your #laptop… case

An excellent laptop case is essential if you take good care of your hardware on the move. Netbooks have their own selection of cases too. The following are the best choices determined by ClubOfINFO, if you are in need of a case.

Cases can actually be used for more than just keeping dust off your laptop. According to one personal security expert, they even help privacy. Correctly sealed, they will neutralize the ability of hackers and government spies to listen in on your personal conversations via your machine when it isn’t in use.

Best laptop case

A laptop sleeve is just as effective as a laptop case (minus that you can’t keep your lead and other equipment in it), and many are carefully engineered impact foam to absorb shock if the machine is dropped. Our recommendation of this kind is the Case Logic sleeve for 15 inch screens.

If a full case is what you are searching for, you will need to be prepared to pay more, but it will have the added bonus of being able to store your lead, a tablet and more. In fact, many of these are indistinguishable from the briefcases that many people use to carry their workload. For this, we recommend the Case Logic 17 inch laptop and tablet case.

Of course, we recognize that these cases only work for you if you have one of the bigger laptops that are increasingly popular now. Many, like me, instead prefer to rely on netbooks because they are such small and convenient partners to have.

Best netbook case

A sleeve is the most convenient and reliable way of keeping hold of a netbook. Netbooks are so small that, once in a sleeve, they can be put away in almost any briefcase and not burden the user much. The Kensington reversible sleeve is very good quality and has been reduced recently to a very low price, which makes it by far the most logical choice.

One suggestion would be to combine this with a Samsonite briefcase or similar, which would allow for easily moving documents and a netbook. University students making their way to lectures are particularly fond of this kind of combination.

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