24 June 2014

Dave Robinson's "Price of Imperium" +

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Check out the work of some of the best indie authors we can find. All of their work can be found at Amazon. Just click the links to see more. Indie authors don't get hyped like mainstream authors. They need browsing by folks like you to get their work seen and appreciated.

Stephen Sweeney's Project Starfighter: Chris is not willing to surrender, not willing to give up the fight just yet. He has a plan - to rebuild the Resistance, bring together others, and keep up the battle against the Corporation. And he will soon find himself teaming up with the most unlikely of allies - a sentient starfighter, known as Athena, formerly belonging to the very company he is trying to take down.

Dave Robinson's Price of Imperium: The Imperium is on the brink of annihilation, and only one person can save it. After centuries of peace, the Enemy has returned, and the only one who can unlock the Imperium's last line of defense is the rightful emperor. Unfortunately, the throne has been empty for a decade.

Harry J. Bentham's Wrong Century: Piracy in space, as a rogue warship is forced to adopt an ancient violent tactic to steal the vital technology it needs to survive. This book includes three complete stories.

Shawn Jones' Warrior's Blood (The Warrior Chronicles): As they prepare their own colony on Mars, new enemies stand against Cort and his family. The ensuing conflict liberates Mars from Earth oversight and leads to the founding of an empire. But before it’s over, the Ares Federation will lead humanity onto the galactic stage.

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