27 June 2014

Call for Submissions - new system

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SUCCESS! ClubOfINFO's reach and influence has been exploding rapidly. We have blown our competitors right out of the water with our outstanding reach and backlinks. In four months, we have had success that took them four years. We are fully satisfied that this is becoming an effective information website, so we are happy to introduce our new submission form and allow everyone to join our widely appealing mission.

Please use our form to put your article or statement into circulation with the young ClubOfINFO Circulation website. It will be published within one week of being received, and will be circulated via our newsletter, associated media sites and social media to gather your readers.

Short fiction will be published, as well as any article discussing society, politics and tech subjects.

Above all, we must emphasize: please include any links you wish, and we will place them for you. We understand how helpful it can be for you to get traffic. Anything technology or society-related is part of our mission at ClubOfINFO, so we welcome you to spam us with your products and services.

Just send us your email address to get ClubOfINFO articles delivered for free.

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