3 June 2014

Maquis Books blog established - #book #scifi @MaquisBooks

Release from Maquis Books on 31 May:
Today, Maquis Books was set up by ClubOfINFO Circulation as a way of allowing fiction to be promoted, represented and shared by the  ClubOfINFO webzine. 
The mission of Maquis Books is simple. We'll be reprinting fiction works and short stories from indie authors who show genuine talent, both here on this blog and through other channels available. These stories will come primarily from Quantum Muse, but other sources of quality fiction may later be used too.We'll also be working as a publisher through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) e-text platform, using the combined connections and expanding reach and influence of ClubOfINFO Circulation to promote the works that are represented at Maquis Books. Later, we will start to use Amazon CreateSpace to make our books available on a print-on-demand basis. 
Means of circulating successful books at Maquis Books will consist of:  
  • Reciprocal links
  • Marketing suggestions and support
  • Social media sharing
  • Content marketing
  • Attracting reviews
  • Attracting critiques
While Maquis Books acknowledges that these take time to have an impact, they eventually do cut into the market. We see ourselves as guerrilla fighters. We know our goals will probably not be achieved within a small time-frame -- but rest assured that they will be achieved. 
The first book to be represented at Maquis Books will be Harry J. Bentham's The Traveller and Pandemonium (2014). This will be made available in Kindle Edition by Maquis Books tomorrow on Sunday, 1st of June. In its proofreading process, this book has received overwhelming support from editors at a number of review sites and it is certainly right for promotion with us. Later, a "hard" copy will become available through Amazon US and international sellers too.
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