17 June 2014

Forcing the end of US Regime Surveillance

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#ResetTheNet has sent a powerful message, but it takes more than a display of popular opposition to deter tyranny. Spying without legal justification on every citizen in a nation is an act of tyranny that must end, or the people will force it to end. That is why ClubOfINFO will continue to take an uncompromising position against this perilous totalitarian development at the heart of a regime that has turned its back on its people and is losing all legitimacy. For us, this means reprinting articles that send a resounding NO to state mass surveillance and say YES to all forms popular resistance to the regime.

Although encryption and lawmaking are often seen as the only options against US global surveillance, full-spectrum resistance is needed. A campaign of confusion and traps set by the victims of spying could punish the US National Security Agency, by wasting its funds and causing it to make devastating errors.

We know that the United States is attempting to assume the role of the global tyrant. Over 2000 years ago, Aristotle warned that tyrannies depend on war and spying for their very security:
“the people dare not speak with freedom for fear of such persons; and if any one does, there is the less chance of its being concealed… a tyrant is of all persons the man who can place no confidence in friends, as every one has it in his desire and these chiefly in their power to destroy him.”
The United States has no friends. The United States is at war. It is at war against you, your neighbor, and even its own NATO “allies”. It is at war against every man, woman and child on the face of the planet. Its goal is to stifle the rights and dignity of all people by subjecting them to constant surveillance, thus creating the climate of terror and obedience favored by tyrants.

Their arrogant attempt to supplant the All-knowing with man will surely fail. Already, the mere fact that their crime has been exposed has humiliated them more than anything else in decades. It has shaken the very foundations of US security by resulting in distrust between the US and its allies. It has failed them once, and it will fail them again.

Protecting people was never the goal of the US National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance. As the former Information Awareness Office (IAO), responsible for the doctrine of Total Information Awareness (TIA), stated in its logo, “scientia est potentia”, knowledge is power. The United States does not deserve power.

Exposure of US total surveillance means this surveillance can no longer be decisively abused for US power. World leaders are aware that they have been spied on by the United States, and some have reconsidered their so-called alliances with the US. As countries spied on by the US work to strengthen their encryption, the United States seeks to retain its advantage.

In most discussions, encryption and lawmaking are seen as the only two defenses against US global surveillance. Neither appears to be sufficient to utterly abolish the criminal spying practices of the US. The United States covertly violates its own laws and bypasses the remaining barriers with its technological superiority. The failure of the United States’ criminal activities depends on the world forcing them to surrender their practices by making them too costly to sustain.

An advantage in encryption will never be complete while the US retains its technological abilities. In the meantime, information can be laid out in such a way that it simply is not useful to prying eyes, or laid out to cause false alarms and waste funds. All those who have been targeted by the US surveillance regime are able to fight back, by actively deceiving the NSA. Only a relentless campaign of confusion and traps such as this could render US email interception so costly and unreliable that it would finally be scrapped.

Interception of the world’s email is pointless unless specific data can be obtained reliably through it. If enough noise and falsehoods are fed in, such spying is useless. Governments resisting the global spies could easily plague them by dedicating periods of time to misleading the United States, pressuring the arrogant regime to make mistakes and waste funds due to intercepting and wading through vast numbers of fraudulent emails.

Because we all live in a regime of total surveillance, any campaign of confusion and chaos directed against US communication interception deserves global attention. A culture that encourages the direction of confusion and chaos against the United States authorities is imperative.

The rights of nations and individuals must be preserved by any means, lest they succumb to the global tyranny. A campaign of confusion could be a form of global civil disobedience against the US, a form of non-cooperation designed to throw off the US yoke. Such a move would be capable of eliminating the regime’s belief that is has either knowledge or power.

As their knowledge is replaced with confusion and doubt, their power can be replaced with weakness and indecision. Thus, to render the surveillance regime incapable, communication that had been intercepted by the US can simply be replaced with false communication occasionally.

The tactics described in this article would be important to talk about in the public domain, because they are not only relevant to governments critical of the US or under pressure from the US. These possible tactics are also relevant to any entities that have been spied on.

In the end, the United States will be brought to justice for its crimes. In anticipation of this, it is the duty of all individuals and nations to be on the right side of history by subverting and discrediting the United States.

When information is the ally of the oppressor, confusion and chaos can be cohorts of the oppressed.

By Harry J. Bentham - More articles by Harry J. Bentham

Originally published at Press TV on January 7, 2014

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