5 September 2014

ClubOfINFO gains 1000 followers, joins FB

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ClubOfINFO has gained 1000 followers on Twitter and has created a page at the social media website Facebook.

You may be quick to say 1000 followers is still a fairly modest number for a nascent media source that uses Twitter for a lot of its sharing activity. Nevertheless, these are valuable, relevant followers. We have given many of them shout-outs through the social media site, and this number of followers breaks through a big barrier to making us the popular blog we want to be. While we continue to engage our followers on Twitter, we want to also shift focus to other social media because they offer further opportunities to circulate content.

ClubOfINFO's Twitter feed

We're looking for people like you who already follow our Twitter feed to take a look at our new pages and follow us elsewhere as well.

ClubOfINFO's new Facebook page

Also, for people newly interested in the valuable media content hosted at ClubOfINFO, this is an opportunity to follow some of our vitally informative social media presence. Please express your support for our message of positive social and technological change by following our pages.

ClubOfINFO's LinkedIn company profile

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to giving each of you a shout on other social media platforms soon ; )

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