26 September 2014

VISIT: Maquis Books, Our Sci-Fi Wing

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ClubOfINFO's fiction wing, Maquis Books, is inviting a bigger online audience in its first significant push to gain more users and readers. If you're fascinated by science fiction or have personal ambitions to boost your audience as an indie sci-fi writer, Maquis Books is the right place to go.

At ClubOfINFO, many somewhat dissident political angles are introduced, and there is no shame in this or any attempt to hide it (it's just the nature of ClubOfINFO's niche in the blogosphere right now). However, you might just prefer less such material, and a more relaxing alternative is available through Maquis Books. The blog there has no political biases, and is simply dedicated to offering entertaining and interesting content for all consumers.

Maquis Books has a blog space at maquisbooks.blogspot.com, as well as a Twitter account devoted to giving author shout-outs and circulating their short fiction. We can give you a shout out too, if you have your own fiction works you would like to share via our contact form.

The Maquis Books outlet may still be tiny, but it is already home already to a single full-length science fiction/fantasy novel, The Traveller and Pandemonium (2014) by Harry J. Bentham, with some rather interesting and unique features, as tweeted below.

Free fiction stories are posted at Maquis Books every Monday, and we're already circulating work from indie authors like Harris Tobias and Michele Dutcher, both of whom were discovered through the popular online fiction peer-review platform Quantum Muse.

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