30 September 2014

The Catalyst Thesis, One Year On

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It has been over one year since Catalyst, the thesis of technology-powered socioeconomic liberation from Harry J. Bentham, was published on July 28, 2013. Downloaded hundreds of times by readers over this period, it is still waiting for its first customer reviews at Amazon. In an effort to lobby these belated reviews from downloaders, we recommend a quick download at Amazon.

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From the description at Amazon:
Catalyst is radical Lifeboat Foundation futurist Harry J. Bentham's 2013 political pamphlet, forecasting an unprecedented era of technology-powered socioeconomic liberation. According to Bentham, "the gravest danger to hegemony and oppression lies at the transformational crossroads of liberation and technology."
The thesis takes some of the most progressive ideas from sociology, and combines them with transhumanism to paint a vibrant picture of a world being destroyed and rebuilt in a new, user-friendly form. Such a revolution has greater potential than anything else to disrupt the structures that have held global inequality in place for centuries, thus emancipating, enlightening and arming the billions of people who have been kept oppressed, marginalized and eternally pressured into arduous labor in the world's poorest countries.

Since 2013, the ideas expounded in this book have been at the core of a lot of online publishing projects, including the creation of ClubOfINFO as a content website in 2014. ClubOfINFO is essentially Catalyst's unofficial website, dedicated to bringing this thesis to as many online readers as possible.

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What is unique about Catalyst is its desire to expand the spectrum of the battle being waged between monopolistic entities like the US government, massive corporations and repressive regimes, and brave people-powered forces like WikiLeaks and Anonymous. This spectrum will come to include the real world, as various new and transhuman technologies like 3-d printers and synthetic biology further transfer power away from corporations and states and into the hands of individuals.

Catalyst makes a bold prediction about the enlargement of the technological rebellion shaking the world today: in the future, insiders will no longer just be leaking information to the public, but smuggling manufacturing and security-related technologies of a controversial nature to the world's most marginal and oppressed peoples. These Promethean deeds will start the true battle, enlarging the spectrum of personal liberation far beyond the internet to places it had never reached before.

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