30 September 2014

Harry Danilevics: a Position for Philosophy

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When I was at Columbia University, a close mentor of mine led me to the destined path of philosophy.

People around me always questioned what philosophy was and how that would be applicable in society, and asked what I would do for work, most of the time following that up with the only thought they had, that with being a teacher. I would denounce the assertion that teaching wasn’t my only option to take after studying philosophy (and the 15 other majors I stepped foot into), and the assumptions that thinking all day and learning 'nothing' would surely mean no applicable life skills only helped to fuel me more.

I knew all along that there had to be some reason why so many of the world’s greatest leaders, politicians, businessmen, investors, and spiritual leaders delved into the philosophic world at some point or for their entire lives. It wasn’t long before I was putting the connections together from the entire known past and the current present that I was exposed to, which in NYC & Columbia is quite expansive. Their differing senses of lifestlyes, mindsets, governances, occupations, cultures, religions, nations were all thrown at me after only knowing the Phoenix, Az perception of the world for so long.

Since I was in New York City, which serves to be the economic capital of the world at this current time, I was forced to notice and observe all of the current intricacies to survival in human civilization and society during this modern era that we’re living in. What the governance structure is like, how the financial markets are working and the impact their having, the purpose of organized religion, the concept of earning your keep through jumping into the work force and devoting your life to economic profit, and all the other wide ranging movements amongst men. 

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Having this vision of what humanity encompasses down on Earth can only be understood if you take your eyes off of the ground and ponder into space. We humans are part of a massively complex accumulation of life that has arisen on a planet that is immensely small in our universe, yes ‘our’ universe because there are now acknowledged beliefs that we live in a multiverse. So all of the problems and fights we are having down here on Earth right now are meaningless until we understand ourselves.

What I mean by this is comprehending that we are the evolution of some spark of energy that has evolved infinitely into our bodily composition, and even that constantly changes. We humans have been trying to find an explanation for that since who knows when. Currently we find purpose in our possessions, professions, friendships, and other shallow ideals. When you learn to understand that death is not something to fear, because it’s not the body that matters, but the energy you possess which as a human is part of the entire race and life in general, and that we share that with all animals and organisms.

It is the whole of humanity that you are a part of and it’s the success of that entire mass that really will matter in the future and by helping to make it better now, your life energy whether passed down into children to continue on or by the positive contributions of your skills and energy. That being said, if we can understand this, while understanding the technological, biological, cosmological, sociological, economical, and political advancements that have been made, we should be able to realize that we can stop the spinning out of control and organize ourselves more humanly now that we have the ability to do so more than ever before. 

These are some of the things that philosophy led me to see. What that has made me think about is how we could combine all of the advancements of the day together to propel society forward in a better manner for everybody. I’ve enveloped myself with information constantly, observing trends and learning about movements in all fields, moving across multiple dimensions of society. What I noticed was strict rigidity amongst fields, to be an expert meant knowing everything about your profession and disregarding anything past basic of the others.

Of course, more successful people tend to see or look more between multiple spheres and that helps contribute towards their success. But the very few who have studied philosophy, I’ve learned, have helped move humanity as a whole forward and didn’t focus solely on themselves. 

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