10 March 2015

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The clubof.info Blog

The clubof.info Blog has been revised to boost its appeal and ensure that it is a top-notch informative blog with a unique message. Our aim is to ensure that the people who come here are deliberate about it, and will bookmark our excellent site or subscribe to its biweekly newsletter.

Previous articles published at The clubof.info Blog were overwhelmingly reprints of other articles. In the minority of cases where they were not, they were sent to similar websites like ieet.org or lifeboat.com/blog. These websites will continue to get a share of the material at The clubof.info Blog in their own way, but you'll only be able to get all the information and analysis by visiting clubof.info itself.

All future articles posted to The clubof.info Blog will blog post-length "reports" like this one (with no credited author other than The Blog itself), or feature-length articles that only appear at clubof.info. You won't be able to find our feature-length articles anywhere else, so make sure to visit The Blog right here or follow our Twitter feed to ensure you find them.

As part of our neat new layout, we are also taking full ownership of the images used at The Blog. That means we're getting a bit stricter about ownership rights, even though this blog - as a political stance - supports an end to DRM and the battle against copyright. The only reason for these changes is that it is simply necessary in order to increase the traffic flowing to The clubof.info Blog because we're in competition with websites that have entirely unique content posted on them every week.

In short, The clubof.info Blog is shifting away from quantity and towards quality. The site is getting richer and more focused. Enjoy.

The clubof.info Blog

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