27 March 2015

Mont Order dissidents

The #MontOrder club

The Mont Order may only be a small informal association that acts sparingly, but it has its corner on the Internet and witnesses increasing core membership. The following are some key recent developments from within the club.

L'Ordre, a pseudonymous listed participant of the Mont Order, now disseminates spiritual blog posts through a new website called The Mont Order Digital Blessings Front. These have no connection with the actual dissident club's activities, but may help to raise publicity for the Mont Order's name as requests are posted for worshipers to pray for the Order's plans.

Thomas L. Knapp, an influential antistatist commentator most notably for the Center for a Stateless Society, is now an associate of the Mont Order and added to the Mont society's lists.

The Mont Order lists its involvement with the Transhumanist Party (Global), where it is considered as one of many available informal organs that are part of its broader network to raise awareness of transhumanist ideology. It has defined itself as vaguely as possible, even calling itself a "metaphor" that has been passed down through history by successive philosophers who described political and spiritual growth as a form of ascension to a higher truth, as epitomized by the name "Mont".

Little information has been posted to the Internet about the Mont Order's exact purpose or long term goals, if it has any, but online interest in the mysterious group has proliferated in recent years and the pluralist Beliefnet website has sustained a list of its honored participants.

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