24 March 2015

Google disables Antiwar.com's Adsense

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The US giant digital corporation Google disabled Antiwar.com's Adsense account, for displaying images of torture perpetrated by the American state.

The move was quickly spotted by dissidents, who shamed the corporation as cowardly and subservient to the US government for its decision to side with torture and repression.

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Writing at the Center for a Stateless Society, Kevin Carson said that the move towards sabotaging dissidents was unsurprising, considering "Google’s history of compliance with censorship demands by repressive regimes around the world, and the craven way that online payment and crowdfunding services colluded with the U.S. government in suppressing Wikileaks".

The antistatist activist also mocked the Obama administration's bizarre reasoning that photographs of torture somehow threatened US security:
"President Obama argued against release, saying the photos would “further inflame anti-American sentiment” and thereby endanger U.S. “national security.”"
Carson dissected this reasoning, stating that it amounts to saying "it would be bad for “national security” for the people of the world to find out just how evil [the American government] really is, because they might get mad." The arrogant regime will not survive exposure to the truth and retribution for its crimes against humanity, so it labels the truth a threat to "national security".

As explained in Carson's post, US "national security" deserves to be undermined, because this phony concept constantly endangers the American public in order to protect cowering rulers who deserve to be subverted:
"If U.S. “national security” means its ability to engage in wars of aggression and supervise the corporate looting of defeated countries around the world, "that “national security” needs to be undermined."
As Carson describes it, the US regime seems to use the unwitting American public as hostages and human shields to take all the punishment for its witless foreign policy, jeopardizing everyone's lives except its own with its terrorism. Speaking of the best solution, the antistatist suggested a two-front war to crush the US regime's censorship and terrorism, waged by resolute dissidents within the US and foreign governments and actors outside the US:
So that leaves it to a hostile American public to rein in an out of control state. And failing that, we need to fan the flames of outrage until every country in the world with a U.S. military or naval base shuts it down, along with the CIA stations in every U.S. embassy in the world.
As for how to fight Google and other US technology giants that seem to hold disproportionate influence over the Internet, Carson's analysis welcomed the idea of dividing the Internet to enable other poles of power to dominate their own portions of the Internet, to prevent the US serving as an authoritarian hub for the Internet. Google has, in the past, slammed this idea, labeling it as the "balkanization" of the Internet in its fear the US regime's influence would decline as a result. However, in the wake of the Snowden revelations of US mass surveillance via the Internet, increasing numbers of countries including Germany and Brazil have welcomed the possibility.

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