17 March 2015

US public wants to pull Zionism's plug

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The boy who cried wolf is no longer able to convince the American public. The case against Iran is exposed as a lie and those who repeat it, traitors.

This was the view of Chad Nelson writing at Counterpunch on 9 March, after the recent debacle of Benjamin Netanyahu's 3 March plea before the United States Congress to undermine the US negotiations with Iran and insist on maintaining threats of aggression against that country.

Increasingly, "most sane Americans" are aware of the fact that the case against Iran is a lie. Seeing that Netanyahu only wants to send the United States' powerful armies to wage a new war, Americans "largely opposed" his speech. Netanyahu had already been "trumpeting the same dire warnings for decades", repeatedly stating that Iran was three years away from a nuclear weapon - even twenty years ago.

By entertaining the lies of Netanyahu and taking the side of military aggression and prejudice against Iran, the US Congress is only proving itself to be not just unpopular but illegitimate and unaccountable. This is as Nelson argues:
The growing disconnect between the US government’s staunch support of Israel and the American public’s disagreement with that support is best explained by Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, in which Spooner says of Congress, “these pretended agents of the people are really the agents of nobody.” For if members of Congress were legitimately acting as our agents, we would be “responsible for all acts done within the limits of the power entrusted to [Congress].” That constituents are not held legally responsible for the actions of their Congressional “representatives” says much about the purported agency, or lack thereof.
The clubof.info Blog adds that the negotiations with Iran are only taking place because the technologically "gifted" Zionist state lobbied the United States to destroy any regional scientific or technological developments that might deter Zionist crimes.

According to United Nations resolutions and the opinions of international civil society, the Zionist regime's escalating crimes against humanity have already included annexation, aggression, genocide and infanticide. These crimes have always been met with the disgust, fear and mass walk-outs of the international community, who consider the Zionist regime rather than Iran as a grave threat to world peace.

The clubof.info Blog

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