25 August 2015

The Mont Order sends some gifts

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The Mont Order global politics and publishing society distributed gifts to top members, and hints at more to come.

At the Mont Order website, L'Ordre wrote that black gold apparel would be dispatched to members featuring the seal of the Mont society. L'Ordre had earlier called the seal "a symbol of humanity" creating textile artwork featuring it and encouraging the seal's popular use across the world.

Of the gold badges given to members of the Mont Order Security Council, L'Ordre wrote:
This is not a medal, but it is a gift and should be considered an award to our most devoted members to encourage them to do even more for the good of the Order. We don't want the Mont Order to become like so many other organizations demanding money from their members, and we will instead make efforts to circulate all gifts and knowledge we possess to our members without any cost. If you put something into the Order, the chances are you are going to get a lot more out of it.
L'Ordre also hinted at secret books authored by Mont Order members exclusively for use by other members of the enduring Order. These would explain "the ideal plan and purpose of the Mont Order, as well as tactics and success indicators for us to refer to as a group".

The Blog

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