11 August 2015

L'Ordre blog mocks US defeats in Syria

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The L'Ordre blog based at Beliefnet had the following commentary on the US's defeats and failure to train "rebels" in the Syrian Civil War.

Al-Nusra accused the US-backed rebels of trying to spread American influence and plotting against the other rebel groups. They were right. The other Syrian rebel factions are not as stupid as the American planners assumed. They know that the US-trained rebels are only in Syria to spread American influence, and will immediately hunt and kill them for this simple reason. The American-backed rebels will never get past their own Syrian rebel allies to begin attacking ISIL or Assad’s forces. The rampant paranoia that the CIA and US Military’s openly declared training program will cause among the already fratricidal and paranoid rebels will only cause them to kill each other at an even greater rate, increasing the likelihood that the war will end in defeat for the rebels. 
One wonders how the US government could make such an obvious error. It is hard to believe that they are really this stupid. One possibility is that Barack Obama is aware that the program to support Syrian rebels will fail, but that he is doing it anyway just to satisfy war-hawks like John McCain, who continues to promote senile delusions of toppling the Syrian (and even the Russian) government with American-made guns blazing.
Read more: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre#ixzz3iL0kTrkc 
Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre#ShrXKuioHhl0VHFM.99
The US trained less than 60 Syrian rebel fighters at a cost of around 250 million dollars. These fighters were intended to fight ISIL and the Assad regime. However, they were killed or captured and the rest of them soon begged the United States to stop bombing the al-Qaeda linked militants, denouncing the mission that the US had given them to fight against jihadist terrorists. Despite this, the United States intends to continue the failed training program at a further cost of nearly billions of dollars.

The Blog

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