21 August 2015

D. Helene wins Global E-Book award

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Author D. Helene's novel, Diary of a 99%er, has achieved 3rd place in Global E-Book Awards in the Fiction-Spiritual/Metaphysical category.

Diary of a 99%er is a fiction novel that focuses on a couple who both belong to the 99% - the Occupy movement's term for the majority of America's working people. While set against the backdrop of the US economic recession, the book also has a strong spiritual dimension that sees spirituality and yoga as means to cope with economic hardship.

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From the description of the book at a website dedicated to marketing this work of fiction:
If you’ve ever had a micro-managing boss, you can relate to this novel. 
If you’ve ever asked yourself, how did I get into this dead-end job, and how can I get out of it? you can relate to this novel. 
If you’ve ever yearned to express yourself creatively and make a living doing so, thereby extricating yourself from the 9-5, paycheck-to-paycheck treadmill, you can relate to this novel. 
If you turn to spirituality and yoga to cope, you can relate to this novel.
Inspired by Obama's recognition of the 99%, the book "takes a humorous look at the contrast between struggling to survive financially and expressing oneself creatively".

D. Helene is a journalist, political activist, yoga instructor and a member of the global Mont Order society.

The Blog

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