16 September 2016

Google is tricking Americans to love Hillary Clinton

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Google, whose executives pushed rabid neocon warmongering in their 2013 book The New Digital Age, are trying to manipulate voters to support Hillary Clinton.

This should come as no surprise, as Google always shared Clinton's penchant for chauvinist wars, assassinations and US military dominance. By fixing popular search results to an extremely narrow set portraying Hillary Clinton in a positive light, Google tries to obscure how most internet users actually see the presidential candidate.

A detailed analysis by pyschologist Robert Epstein reveals how Google manipulates users into believing Clinton's opponents (such as Bernie Sanders) have a negative public image by displaying negative search results, whereas only positive search results are shown for Clinton. Meanwhile, companies Bing and Yahoo lacked the political initiative to hide Clinton's sordid reputation, so they instead showed what people really think - with exhaustive lists of negative search suggestions for Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton is a liar", Bing and Yahoo (and no doubt Google too) users apparently search. Google instead writes up "Hillary Clinton is awesome" as an alternative search suggestion for users to consider, while hiding anything else.

Link: Epstein's analysis

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