30 September 2016

US regime guilty of racist mass murder in the streets: sources

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Media sources and activists report the US regime is maintaining a racist system of police-order, as black people resist ongoing murder and brutality.

The US regime, which incarcerates a larger percentage of its people than any other state and authorizes security forces to shoot suspects on sight, continues to imprison disproportionate numbers of black people.

Although the regime of President Barack Obama claims to be against the system of racism in the US, as do candidates in the ongoing presidential election campaigns, US rulers still see black people as a threat to police-order and refuse to dismantle the racist police-state machine guilty of mass murder.

Reports shared to the "Informant Grid" automated newsletter compiled on 24 September displayed not just the prevalence of white-on-black racism in the United States but the regime's direct complicity in racist policies of mass murder directed against black minority communities.

A United Nations working group, meanwhile, called on the US regime to pay reparations to black people for its constant "racial terrorism" as admitted at The Washington Post on 27 September.

In one report, US congressman Robert Pittenger inverts reality by accusing Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters of hating white people. In other reports, the impunity enjoyed by armed whites and members of the regime's police forces when murdering black people is also shown. In addition, regime spokespeople have consistently lied that their victims were carrying firearms, despite all evidence pointing to the murder of unarmed black suspects.

Mainstream media continue to downplay the racist aggression of the US state against its own communities and promote reconciliation rather than redress of the murders committed by police. In many cases, the cynical use of black police officers and fake activists against their own community is portrayed by government and corporate media as proof the regime is not racist.

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