5 September 2016

US ignores human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir

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The United States sacrifices its alleged concern for human rights so it can be allied with India, writes the head of a pro-Kashmiri pressure group.

Although propagating its hollow talk of democracy, freedom and human rights, the Obama administration has constantly refused to acknowledge any type of struggle for these values in Kashmir.

Secretary General of World Kashmir Awareness Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai wrote, as printed in Voice of East magazine on 2 September 2016, of the cynical and limited approach taken by Western media towards Kashmir:
The  massive pain and indignities that Kashmiris suffer are only significant when they reach a pitch that the mainstream press starts noticing, as the New York Times did recently,  and realize[d] it can capitalize on viewing audience because of the violence and mayhem.
Ignorance towards the violence, injustice, and suppression of popular sovereignty in Kashmir is an indictment of both the United States and the United Nations, who refuse to condemn India, Fai believes.

Full analysis: Why President Obama Ignores Human Rights in Kashmir

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