3 September 2016

Saudis accompany their ISIS allies in Yemen

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The Wahhabi regime of Saudi Arabia is overtly aiding its ISIS allies in Yemen, an analyst has argued.

However, due to the tribalism and brutality of the primitive Takfiris (extremists who excommunicate other Muslims) supported by the al-Saud monarchy, they cannot prevent their own proxies attacking each other.

A recent terrorist attack in the port city of Aden was the manifestation of "gang" tensions between the forces employed by Riyadh to fight off the Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement in Yemen that currently controls the capital city of Sana'a and enjoys majority support from the people. This was the assessment of analyst Marwa Osman, when asked about why the Saudi-backed groups appear to fall prey to ISIS while Saudi Arabia itself stands accused of backing ISIS.

The al-Saud regime's support of ISIS is "not only possible but the only fact on the ground", the analyst stated in a televised interview. Not only has Saudi Arabia refused to target ISIS and other groups in Yemen, but the only explanation for the funding and weapons they receive can be direct aid from Riyadh, she argued.

Fort Russ: KSA's ISIS kill 60 in Yemen [+Video]

Saudi Arabia's terrorist acts are additionally monitored by US and British consultants who do nothing to raise any alarms, Osman states in her interview. Due to controversy, the video of the interview is locked down as "unlisted" by the RT network but the link was obtained by Fort Russ and The clubof.info Blog.

Saudi Arabia claims its actions are justified by Iran allegedly being involved in supporting Yemeni rebels to undermine Saudi national security, although there is no evidence of this.

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