15 December 2020

Monthly Review, Tue, 15 Dec 2020 12:15:35

Today, our choice of outstanding book is Dirk Bruere’s “The Praxis” (https://t.co/Z3RkxkmKMJ). PRAXIS is an astute non-fiction work, so if we’re going to declare our praises with certainty we’re maintaining it at the top of our list of recommended non-fiction for today. Here we discover ideas that are undeniably radical in their depth. Before you leave our site, you ought to appreciate how readers took it. We took note of the words from an impressed buyer, “The Praxis is a brilliant gem. In just 112 pages Bruere does not only inform you about everything you need to know about the technological singularity and transhumanism Kurzweil failed to tell you. It’s much more than that: The praxis is scripture. Bruere eloquently provides us with definitions about spirits, soul, death, resurrection and transmigration, all fitting within the framework of present-day understanding of technology and science from artificial intelligence to quantum mechanics. The Praxis transcended my expectations by presenting transhumanism from a particular humanitarian perspective. A hope giving sound on morality and ethics without the usual tyrannical top-down ordaining known from traditional religions.” Well, now we’re done you might as well go the whole way and get your own copy. If not, stay with us for more by subscribing for email updates.


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