26 December 2020

The surprises of 2021

Mont Order group: With 2020 coming to an end, few can say they know what lies ahead. The pandemic may be dealt with sufficiently by new vaccines that we will see an easing of all restrictions, or there may be new strains that in turn burden health services and cause further public worry. Political turmoil in the US may subside, or increase. The only certainty in any scenario is that the Western governments will increasingly try to harass Russia and China, with increasing focus on China. As the new economic superpower, China attracts the envy and hatred of people who believe they should rule the world. They are the same narrow group of people who regard the bombings of Yugoslavia, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq as a golden age of peace and civilised life. There will be an effort to make that happen again; to make American war criminals great again. Whatever the outcome, this is a time for writers to review the last year and offer our predictions and suggestions about the next. - LOrdreNet


High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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