23 January 2015

#ISIS: the Envy of NATO

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When it comes to powerful military alliances, the one grabbing the headlines today is not NATO but what could soon be its new global nemesis, ISIS.

Ironically, both names resemble anagrams of capricious Pagan deities when written in English and French, but let's not be distracted by their games. I am not a friend of the Islamic State, also called ISIS or ISIL, by any means. This is clear in my work with the influential Iranian media station Press TV.

However, I cannot dismiss the political and military performance of the Islamic State. Its survival in the face of the US Air Force and Navy's most powerful weapons has been breathtaking.

Even I am beginning to think the Islamic State will prevail.

We are misled in all the media, including some for whom I write, into believing this is a mere hate group or terrorist band. What we are dealing with is a State - a Caliphate - and it could be one of the major candidates for a future form of government unlike anything ever seen before in modern politics. We must not underestimate its power. Even those of us who would prefer to dismiss it as a rabble and move on with our plans must, at the very least, listen to what I have to say here.

We have lost our way. The liberal democratic model of state, which we are hugging tighter to in our misguided sense of security that we are better than the Islamic State, is militarily and morally stunted and will never overpower the Islamic State. While France could barely muster fifty combatants to fight the Islamic State in Iraq, the Islamic State recruited well over a thousand soldiers from France's own so-called nation.

Our governments cannot save us from the Islamic State because they have lost the ability to wage war, or even conduct politics adequately. Other than occasional air strikes aiming to "influence" or "tip" the outcome of conflicts that are nothing to do with us, the armed forces of so-called Western democracies are now completely emasculated and will never carry out a successful ground war again.

A large part of this is the "ageing" or "greying" of Europe and North America, as our populations are reduced to isolated, frustrated, delusional Daily Mail readers whose future has long since been lost to the growing migrant populations now inhabiting Europe and North America. These migrant populations, who are an integral part of the so-called nation, do not and cannot share the old-fashioned nation-state allegiances that our governments relied on to survive. This is why there is so little will to war, such poor armed forces recruitment levels in Britain and other so-called nations, and now ever more impressive numbers from our own population flocking to join the Islamic State.

That latter point cannot be reiterated enough because it is so important. Our populations are now more prone to travel to Iraq to join the Islamic State than they are to support an overseas war against such a regime. With figures such as this, we must face the fact that we have already lost the so-called war on terror.

These events all correspond EXACTLY with the predictions of US social theorist Immanuel Wallerstein, whose work has been a great influence on me. In works such as Utopistics as early as 1998, he predicted that as the "white" world becomes, "de facto, less white", and borders, security and intellectual property barriers are increasingly circumvented, states will lose what he called their "social cohesion". The result is that the government will cease to function, leaving our rulers open to be slaughtered and a vast power vacuum where the "West" used to stand - possibly as soon as the year 2050. This will not be a pretty period in history. It will be "hell on earth".

We must not obfuscate our understanding of what is beginning to happen. Those of us who profess to have alternatives to the failing state and the unjust destitution of most of the world must not salvage the so-called nation.

We must help the nation die, and part of this revolutionary act of euthanasia is that we should not worry for our nation's reputation, military prowess, or symbols, but urge these to be destroyed and urge our own countries to allow themselves to be defeated.

The Islamic State is no worse than our own governments. If the Islamic State reduces our governments to ashes and slaughters our rulers, we should thank them.

Let us throw open the gates of our decadent countries and allow our old regimes to be crippled and defeated. The existing authorities and elites will have to lose legitimacy in time, so that a more just and rational alternative system can be passed through and take their place.

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