9 January 2015

Review: Dreams Must Die by J. M. Porup

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All of J. M. Porup's science fiction is pioneering and valuable literature, and this is my perspective as a science fiction story contributor myself.

In particular, I find the narrative voice present throughout Porup's work to be gripping and more stimulating in a way that would appeal to a vaster readership than mine. I discovered this mainly through Dreams Must Die and I encourage readers to download the book as a starting point to reading further sublime works by the author. I hope to be blogging more thoughts on it.

From the book description on Amazon:
The time for dreaming is over. 
Jimmy Shade kills dreams. It’s his job. As a member of the elite Dream Police, he defends the Collective against that poisonous nocturnal ooze. 
But when Shade gets infected with a dream, he finds himself on the run from his former colleagues. He must choose between his love for the Collective--and the dream he cannot live without.
By Harry J. Bentham - More articles by Harry J. Bentham

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