13 January 2015

Why I am not an Anarchist

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An exclusive article from the Order

Anarchism, so far as I can tell, is the belief that all government is evil and must be destroyed. Now, it is undoubtedly true governments do evil. But we must also acknowledge that governments do good--the fire department, for example, is a welcome service when one's house is burning down. Likewise someone must build roads, maintain sewer service, provide fresh water.

So to say "all government is bad" is an oversimplification of the problem.

The world is tension. Tension between Order and Chaos. Too much order, and you wind up living in Nazi Germany or modern America. Not good. Too much Chaos, and you wind up sleeping with a shotgun, while roaming street gangs rape and pillage, until one gangster gets big enough and
invents droit de seigneur.

If today we lived in Chaos, I would probably be the first to organize a government. Some level of organization is necessary to punish murder, rape, theft, arson, and other violent crimes. The aforementioned public utilities are also desirable.

That is not, however, the situation in which we currently find ourselves. On the contrary, we now live in a world in which Order threatens to destroy our species. Information technology has made possible a system of mass surveillance without precedent in the history of humanity. And the human herd impulse, which drives so many of us to embrace totalitarianism as though it were a comfort blanket, may well result in the extinction of our species.

In the face of this horror, the rational person does not cry "Anarchy!" as though extreme Chaos would somehow be an improvement on extreme Order. It would not be. Rather, the goal is to right the balance. We must question the impulse to Order. We must challenge and disarm the herd impulse to enforce conformity. And we must innovate ways to dismantle and destroy mass surveillance. For everyone's sake.

The tension between Order and Chaos must be righted, or the human race is doomed.

By J. M. Porup - More articles by J. M. Porup

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