30 January 2015

Open Call for #Article #Submissions

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ClubOfINFO's audience is growing rapidly and presents an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as a writer on important issues affecting society today.

According to our data, our monthly traffic has been increasingly sharply since we first began publishing in March 2014. As we approach the first anniversary of this newsletter's launch, it is clear that a further year of healthily increasing visitors is likely.

We have created a Facebook Page, a Google+ Page and a Twitter account that is very lively and active. If you have not already followed these accounts, we invite you.

Written an article you'd like to add to our conversation on issues affecting technology on the political sidelines? Or draft notes you'd like us to develop, fully credited to you as a member of our team? The result will be getting your name established and respected at our newsletter, and links back to your site from here.

Please put forward all work using our simple submission form. We look forward to hearing from you, and we advise you to consider us as a destination for your articles in the long-term future as we continue to develop our online reach and influence.

Harry J. Bentham

Web Content Editor at ClubOfINFO Circulation

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