26 May 2021

Backlash over Israeli actions in Palestine shows weakness of establishment, media

Mont Order group: Surprising levels of international support for Palestinians and Muslims as a whole during Israel's recent offensive in Gaza exposed the continued weakness of mainstream media in the internet age. Such weakness persists even despite online discourse being increasingly policed. Support took the form of visible protests that could not be suppressed, and appear to have gained additional energy from the (ostensibly establishment-backed) anti-racist movement taking shape in Western countries. It even included numerous celebrities unexpectedly declaring their support for Palestine, only to then be seemingly dragged away by their agents and managers who saw to it that their provocative social media posts were deleted. What all this shows is that despite the internet (social networks particularly) being increasingly policed, their anarchic nature has drastically undermined the PR of Western regimes. Despite desperately trying to restore public confidence in mainstream media in recent years, these regimes are still unable to count on a weak-minded population following their lead as happened in previous Middle East wars. The surging interest in publicly declaring sympathy for oppressed people is making it gradually impossible for the malignant foreign policy elite to get their way, especially with regard to situations like Gaza's. No matter how intolerable the online environment may superficially feel for dissident viewpoints, the situation appears to still be far worse for state elites with oppressive aims. In the long term, elites are still likely to get the information space back under control, but current trends suggest they have a long way to go. - LOrdreNet


High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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