31 January 2022

Did Britain subtly suggest it will shoot Estonia's Russian civilians?

 Arrest of a youth during the Bloody Sunday massacre of Sunday, 30 January 1972

On Sunday, 30 January 2022, Britain appeared to time its announcement of NATO reinforcements to Estonia with the 50th anniversary of its troops murdering 14 civilians in Northern Ireland in the Bloody Sunday massacre.

Additional UK troops are deploying to Estonia, where 320,000 ethnic Russians live what is described sometimes as a marginalized life under a pro-NATO government. Western publications tend to describe them as loyal to Russia.

Considering the timing of its announcement on Bloody Sunday's anniversary, the UK deployment could be seen as a deliberate, if subtle, threat that the UK is ready to murder ethnic Russian civilians in countries that already make life hard for Russian-speakers, such as the Baltic states. NATO already created an excuse for civilian deaths under the "hybrid" war model that can accuse anyone of being part of a Russian plot.

"Hybrid" threats can include civilians

It should be noted that Russian civilians reside all over Eastern Europe under an increasing NATO occupation, driven by exaggerated threats of Russian civilian subversion and irredentism. These civilians are considered a fifth column in the hybrid war theory of NATO enthusiasts, for example, in this publication by the Chatham House think tank.

Ethnic Russian civilians were in the streets ahead of all the Russian "aggression" in Crimea and Donbass to take part in protest activity. In the War in Donbass, described as countering Russian aggression according to NATO and the central government in Kiev, the majority of victims have been Russian civilians.

Considering the above facts, a bloody incident with NATO occupation troops shooting at civilians in an Eastern European country cannot be ruled out and should even be expected in the future.

Much of the Western public has already accepted the idea that any Russians are enemies and British MPs openly refer to Russia as an evil regime. If massacres occur, they will be justified by Western journalists and media consumers by merely by pointing out that the civilian victims were Russian, which will be enough to create glee among British MPs.

UK is not shy about civilian massacres

The only likely battle that British soldiers will take part in, in Estonia, is a scandalous ethnic massacre like the Bloody Sunday incident in Northern Ireland as NATO becomes increasingly frustrated with disloyal civilians. The brazen timing of the NATO reinforcements announcement looks like a signal that it is aware its targets will be Russian civilians, and it is prepared to murder them.

Russians living in Estonia should view British troops as hostile to them and placed to assist in an ethnic massacre when "the Russians" are inevitably villified as Vladimir Putin's agents. Resistance to NATO occupation seems legitimate for Russians who are threatened by NATO expansion.

- ClubOfInfo


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