15 October 2020

Facebook, Twitter use censorship to protect Biden

Facebook and Twitter have made headlines by using censorship to back up US presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The decisions of Facebook and Twitter revolve around a suppressed New York Post story that won't be discussed here, for reasons of avoiding the wrath of the censors. One way or another, you're going to hear about it anyway - as a result of what's called the Streisand effect.

Censorship doesn't work, it just makes the people doing it look scared.

As stated by journalist Glenn Greenwald, the act of censorship to prop up Biden is a major historic event, far more significant than whatever story was being suppressed.

Being the candidate of censorship is far worse than anything the suppressed New York Post story could possibly have contained. Facebook and Twitter should just have allowed the damage to be done, rather than going out of their own way to make Biden look bad by tagging him with censorship warnings.

When Americans vote in November, they should remember: picking Biden is less like picking a leader and more like picking to be gagged and blindfolded. It's a vote for a party that does not value freedom of speech, the free flow of information or transparency in any form and intends to close down all public discussion of anything.

Quick! Look away! Pretend you haven't read this! Vote for Biden before it's too late and you get convinced not to!


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