27 October 2020

US social media reassure Americans on the regime's dodgy election

Despite a long and sordid history of irregularities and accusations of fraud in US elections, US-based social media are desperately soothing the suspicions of Americans about their country's corrupt system.

This time, it's saying you don't trust mail-in ballots that will get Twitter all over you to hide your tweet behind content warnings and assure American voters there is nothing to worry about. The disturbing idea of "pre-bunks" has been introduced to auto-detect any suspicions about the election and flag them as false before anyone has even investigated the exact claim.

What Twitter doesn't understand is how this backfires:

(1) People who believe Donald Trump will only think this is more evidence he is being unfairly attacked by partisan media, as he claims.

(2) If any substantial fraud does actually take place by either side (which is already established to be at least possible according to politicians from both sides of the debate), Twitter will be hiding it from voters at least until they are corrected and forced to show the information. This could actually lead to legal consequences for them for defrauding the American people.

Similar to previous censorship gaffes, Twitter's latest move will do nothing to ease the suspicions of Americans about their election. Desperately pleading with people to believe in the system, marking information as sensitive, and automatically stamping propaganda on content to assure people, is only going to increase distrust in the US electoral process (which is questionable in the first place).

The assumption of US elections being normally secure is very poorly founded, according to all experts. Based on concerns of US politicians themselves (both Republican and Democrat, including those who are most respected), there are almost limitless ways to interfere in the elections. They have no integrity whatsoever, and the efforts of third parties and media to try and achieve integrity look like yet more interference (a kind of counter-interference or destructive interference, effectively ruining the elections even more in an attempt to fix them). The clubof.info Blog believes this applies to Twitter's newest gaffe. - ClubOfInfo


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