11 October 2020

Twitter is hiding content from YOU on behalf of the US government

This very year, Twitter shadowbanned influential foreign "state-affiliated" media as part of the US regime's repressive campaign to silence other points of view and filter out unfavorable coverage.

The shadowban can be observed by searching for influential accounts "@RT_com" and "@CCTV", both foreign information sources that the US government dislikes. In an effort to please the regime and avoid its anger, Twitter is hiding these news networks' profiles from search suggestions as if they don't exist. The only way around it is to follow the accounts directly after locating them.

Even while labelling accounts as "state-affiliated", Twitter forgot to label itself as US government-affiliated and disclose its relationship to the US regime. In trying to filter out non-US sources of information, Twitter's staff are interrupting the free flow of information and are acting as authoritarian sycophants.

Filtering out critical information is censorship, designed to degrade the public's access to accurate information on world events, and an attack on Twitter's users. If you use Twitter, make sure you use this opportunity to directly follow the accounts they don't want you to follow.

- ClubOfInfo


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