29 October 2020

Monthly Review, Thu, 29 Oct 2020 07:15:38

Today, our choice of politically-relevant title is Kevin Carson’s “Studies in Mutualist Political Economy” (https://t.co/2FZ1nWu6zK). Studies in Mutualist Political Economy is an independently researched alert non-fiction work, so to give it the praise it deserves we’re keeping it at the top of our list of recommended non-fiction for today. Here we reveal benevolent ideas that are surely illuminating in their insight. Before you leave our site, you ought to appreciate how buyers react. According to an impressed reader, “The book is brilliant. Kevin Carson is definitely an anarchist within the tradition of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Benjamin Tucker. This is probably the best exposition of "left-libertarian” or “mutualist” anarchism that you will ever find. I come from a background in the Austrian School of economics and was surprised to find how thoroughly Carson grasps the Austrian School. He has clearly studied Rothbard, Hayek, and Mises. He’s also familiar with Keynes. He has a knack for recognizing the positive contributions of others while pointing out their errors. He cites all of my favorite writers (Rothbard, SEK III, Thomas Hodgskin, Benjamin Tucker, et al.). The only part of the book that I don’t totally agree with is his defense of the Labour Theory of Value. Yet, I can see his point. This is the kind of book that will turn a typical anarcho-capitalist into a left-libertarian or left-Rothbardian. It is a must read.“ Well, now we’re done you might as well go one small step further and search for your own copy. If not, you’ve upset us, so stay with us for the next book choice by subscribing for email updates.


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