25 October 2020

US government-affiliated account goes unlabelled on Twitter

Twitter account "@Twitter" isn't labelled as US government-affiliated, even while directly advancing US foreign policy by filtering out foreign news networks critical of the US government.

Despite forcefully labelling and concealing the foreign news network accounts "@RT_com" and "@CCTV" from users, on behalf of the US regime, Twitter is hestitant to admit its relationship with the regime. An obvious clue about the company's state loyalty might be the location of Twitter, which is in the United States.

Twitter is compliant with the wishes of a regime guilty of vast global military aggression, torture, and espionage against its own population. It isn't hard to blame them, as they are at this regime's mercy, but they should at least admit it. Interrupting the free flow of information and refusing to acknowledge it, they work as authoritarian sycophants and model citizens of a freedom-restricting tyranny.

Filtering out critical information is censorship, designed to degrade the public's access to accurate information on world events, and an attack on Twitter's users. If you use Twitter, you really need make sure you use this opportunity to directly follow the accounts they don't want you to follow.

- ClubOfInfo


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