5 February 2021

Are people finally noticing CENSORSHIP hurts citizens and helps elites?

The alignment of US tech companies with US foreign policy is drawing more attention. Online political censorship is now impacting people who identify themselves as being on the American left, including those who mistakenly endorsed censorship because they believed it was aimed at hatemongering conservatives.

Many of us did try to point out the folly of supporting arbitrary censorship (against anyone, even if we hate them) early on, but we were ignored.

Now, we're in a situation where presidents and platforms are being removed from the internet with insufficient cause. The US has a pro-censorship administration that endorsed taking all opposition TV channels off the air in a country, as noticed in a US Embassy tweet in relation to a legally dubious decree in Ukraine.

Countries will take greater liberty to block or attempt to place limits on US entities, because they can point to the US government's zeal to suppress dissent and the censorship taking place on US social networks themselves. If US companies are censorship-prone, nothing will be missed if they get blocked or censored themselves.

Seen this way, the US is losing its "cold war" with Russia and China. It has compromised its ideology and changed tone away from "freedom" and towards state security, giving the initiative to countries like China and Russia to repeat the US's pro-censorship rhetoric back to it and block US influence.

Although it is consistent with the views of the state in China and Russia, blocking foreign interference in the US and not consistent with the US state ideology (capitalist liberal democracy). Effectively, the US is destroying its own ideology and system faster than any foreign adversary could do so.

Based on the US state ideology, the US is the "melting pot" of foreign interference; the Biden administration should welcome foreign interference and set up new agencies to accelerate it rather than prevent it. For example, Chinese students should be welcomed by Biden, rather than getting accused of being enemy spies as they were under Trump's revisionist policies.

- ClubOfInfo

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