2 February 2021

If Twitter is loyal to the US, other countries should block it

Has Twitter started to act like a leading propaganda agency of the US state after the Democrats assumed power this year? We can speculate that it is going to support deadly US foreign policy objectives while also shielding the regime at home from criticism.

Views critical of the regime may be hidden, while many label them as treasonous. Parrots who praise the regime mindlessly might be bizarrely boosted on the social network, even while being mocked on the street (this could be proven by identifying a list of such users and analysing the way they talk about their IRL experiences).

As of today, Twitter still maintains its permanent ban on the current top US opposition figure, Donald Trump. At the same time, the social network is alleged to support the opposition figure and NATO stooge in Russia, Alexei Navalny, who begged for US and EU sanctions against his own country in a letter (imagine if Trump had written to Moscow for a package of sanctions on America in response to his election defeat!)
One way that Twitter obviously filters information is by shadowbanning popular accounts so users cannot find them, and by recommending headlines from the North American regime's preferred newspapers and broadcasters instead.
Twitter's excuses for banning Trump were related to preventing violence like the chaos at the US Capitol. Even if these excuses are valid, they resemble the same national security reasons given by governments (such as Uganda) when they block Twitter itself during sensitive political periods. Twitter's pompous managers are trying to use the same arguments for blocking information as far away as Africa, while condemning the actual government authorities in Africa for using these arguments or taking any action.

In using such poor arguments and being so glaringly hypocritical, Twitter has essentially given carte blanche for all governments in the world to block its services completely if they want. Twitter's own statements prioritising political stability and preventing interference actually support arguments for the social network to be blocked by governments during sensitive times.

And so Twitter should be blocked more regularly around the world, if it is going to be an arm of America.
In conclusion, we should be tolerant of any government choosing to block Twitter, as the website now heavily overrrepresents the views of a single state entity and its elite rather than a society.

When newly introduced, a technology will set many people free and let them punch above their weight. Perhaps when it reaches its maturity and the limits of its power, we then see excessively powerful monopolies (as we see now with social media). Around this time, there often are abuses and atrocities before states inevitably have to step in and restrict everything once again.

- ClubOfInfo

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